Software Engineer,Web Developer,iOS programmer

A little about me

I design, supply, implement and support customized software development , including development of Internet and intranet applications, SQL based database applications, and Websites. I consider it the greatest value to produce excellent quality, which I guarantee by my highly qualified expertise and thorough experience in the latest technologies. iWicked science enable companies to meet their demanding application development deadlines and to outsource application maintenance, all at a significantly lower cost. iWicked science delivers a wide range of development and maintenance services to customers. My multi-lingual engineering offer a very cost-effective alternative for all companies.

I will, in fact, claim that the difference between a bad programmer and a good one is whether he considers his code or his data structures more important. Bad programmers worry about the code. Good programmers worry about data structures and their relationships.

I do amazing things for clients

Software Engineer

With almost 15 years of experience. Designing custom software that suits clients' needs, became a part of my day to day life

Web Programmer

I design and develop affordable, yet professional responsive websites for our clients, from small to large-sized businesses, static or interactive

iOS programmer

I do applications for iPhone, iPads and lately for iTv.

Software smart designs, web and iOS developement

I will provide enterprises with the necessary tools to compete in the knowledge driven economy and improve their productivity, with its continuous demand for accurate and real time information, high quality and full control.I am positioned to support organizations as they move towards better relationships with customers, suppliers, partners and employees.I take pride in being able to offer my customers my wealth of experience in customized software and web development to:

  • increase user productivity
  • improve operational efficiency
  • gain better control of processes
  • improve communication and collaboration
  • enhance performance and scalability
  • Leverage IT infrastructure and information assets

Recent Projects

1-e-commerce software that contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend. iWickedCommerce is a fully customizable shopping cart. It's stable and highly usable, demo is available upon request

2-a complete customed CMS, demo is available upon request

3-a complete customed CarRental application, demo is available upon request

4-a complete loyalty card application, demo is available upon request

5- Cabi.me, owner and developer, Cabi.me is next generation of Taxi and limousine service improvements

6- Sites in action

Mike Limousines
Porter Limo
Location Auto Kaplan

My Career

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    Voxco Inc.

    Senior Web and Software Developer March 2011 and Present

    Developing And Maintaining the multiple products intended for multiple types of marketing and interactions between clients and companies.

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    Kimahri Software Corp

    Senior Analyst Programmer From May 2010 Until February 2011

    Participated earlier in the decisions of choosing the right CMS, data structuring
    Developing and designing the new company's web site. (http://www.msgplus.net). Working on developing a full CMS to move from static into a fully dynamic and automated web site. The job includes the creation of the database facades, presentation layers and the web parts too.

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    Mouawad Group

    Software architect, developer and database creator, MIS Manager From August 2001 Until September 2009

    Successfully implemented a new ERP system, ARGUS on time and within budget replacing BAAN and an AS400 system
    Increased development team productivity by designing technical training courses and monitoring staff training and providing ongoing mentoring of colleagues and system operators

  • I want to build a different kind of software company. A company that listens to client needs, values innovation in development and solves customer problems with brilliant simplicity. My commitment to legendary service provides consistent, high quality support for all my customers

  • Understanding our customer requirements
    I endeavor to understand the customers' requirements and anticipate their needs by consistently providing high quality IT, Web and Creative solutions that are delivered on time and at competitive prices.

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1344 de la concorde West, Laval, Quebec


+1 514-677-8969